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Veneers replace your outermost layer of tooth enamel with a customized new tooth surface. They can change the smile you hate into one that you’re proud of in just a few sessions at Armen Kupelian DDS, Inc. in Rohnert Park, California. Dr. Kupelian can explain your veneer options, including traditional veneers and Lumineers®, during your consultation, so why wait? Call the office or book an appointment online now.

Veneers Q & A

What are veneers?

Veneers are tooth-shaped porcelain sheets that change the appearance of your front teeth. They're similar to dental crowns in terms of material, but veneers are considerably thinner and cover only the front of your tooth instead of the whole tooth.

Some of the many uses for veneers include:

  • Creating a more perfect smile
  • Improving the appearance of crooked teeth
  • Changing the appearance of misshapen teeth
  • Covering permanently stained or discolored teeth
  • Making your teeth look smaller or larger
  • Filling in spaces between teeth
  • Reinforcing worn teeth
  • Restoring chipped teeth

Veneers are a cosmetic dentistry procedure, but they do also make your teeth a little stronger.

What is the dental veneer process like?

For traditional veneers, you'll typically visit the office just two times. During your first appointment, Dr. Kupelian prepares your teeth with light buffing and tooth shaping. Then, he takes an impression of your teeth and helps you choose the ideal color for your new veneers.

You’ll usually wear temporary veneers to protect your teeth until your next appointment. A dental lab fabricates your veneers, and then you'll return for your second appointment. In your second appointment, Dr. Kupelian applies a bonding liquid and dental cement to the teeth getting the veneers. He sets your new veneers into the perfect position and then uses laser light to harden and set them into place.


For Lumineers, which are veneers made from Cerinate® porcelain, the process is a little different because you don't need any tooth structure removal. Lumineers are about as thin as contact lenses, but they’re extremely durable and proven to last around 20 years. Just as with traditional veneers, it generally takes two appointments to get Lumineers.

Are traditional veneers or Lumineers better?

It really depends on your needs, since both are great choices. In general, traditional veneers may be the best choice for more severe tooth damage since they’re thicker and can conceal more issues.

Lumineers are a great choice when you’re trying to revitalize your smile and don’t want to lose any of your healthy tooth structure. Dr. Kupelian and the team can discuss both traditional veneers and Lumineers with you to help you make the right choice.

Want to learn more about a bright smile through veneers? Call Armen Kupelian DDS, Inc. or use the online appointment tool to get help now.